Rings at the Launch Pad Gallery

23 July 2021 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
Rings at the Launch Pad Gallery



07.16 - 07.26 2021

13:00 - 19:00
金 〜 月

This series of small drawings by Michelle Zacharias began during a dark period in the artist’s life, followed by a longer period of darkness worldwide. After two heart surgeries, Zacharias did not have the energy to do lengthy pieces or labour intensive dust paintings and also learned that drawing on a hard surface with coloured pencil became painful. Her signature styles of using dust as pigment or coloured pencil in detailed abstracts would have to wait. Determined to create, she made a small drawing everyday using paint, oil pastels, or wax crayons. As strength returned, she added colour pencil. With the upcoming Tokyo Olympics threatening to be a super spreader of COVID-19, circles or rings have taken on additional meaning.

The Circles series originally began as an offshoot of the anthropocene work Zacharias has been doing related to the seasonal dust storms in Asia. Beautiful sunsets result from those dust particles in the air, causing the light to refract. A single circle on a page provides the frame but also suggests a particle of dust. A coloured sunset when confined to a geometric shape becomes an abstraction of the original. Soon she added smaller circles or dots representing dust. Then virus-shaped objects. The drawings eventually became small abstractions that no longer referenced anything natural.

As the world has learned these past two years, small can be significant and our daily lives can be simplified.

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