Image Show at Gallery Camellia

18 February 2018 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Image Show at Gallery Camellia

Next week's group show at Gallery Camellia in the Okuno bldg is a group of artists who usually use colour but have to work around the theme, 黒 (Black), chosen by Nana Masuda. When she first mentioned the theme, I remembered an etching of mine called, Willowy Darkness. I have not shown those in a Tokyo gallery before, so Black equals Darkness for me. I still have not decided whether or not I will also show drawings of the darkness under that willow tree.

Participating artists are:写真)
Meguri Ichida/いちだめぐり (Lacquer and gourds/ひょうたんと漆)
Enoch(Stained glass/ステンドグラス)
Mima Kanokogi/鹿子木 美(Illustrations and multi-media/イラスト)
Michelle Zacharias/ザカライアス・ミッシェル(Etching/版画)
Sho/翔(Wood burning/ウッドバーニング)

Venue/会場:Gallery Camellia

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