NTT Tsuyu / NTT梅雨

30 April 2021 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image


Ground mineral pigment, oyster shell, silver leaf, on Mashi Board


Tsuyu (Rainy Season) is coming and I wanted to share this Nihonga (日本画) painting I completed a few years ago. It's hard to miss the brilliant green payphones around Japan, and they captured my attention as I walked around Shibuya. The rainy season may be gloomy, but I love the vibrant あじさい (hydrangea) in their reds and blues.

Many thanks to my 先生 Maria Tanikawa for teaching me these techniques, and to the kind folks at Uematsu in Shibuya for carefully measuring out my pigments one 両 at a time

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