Dungeons and Dragons Burlesque Costume

4 March 2018 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Dungeons and Dragons Burlesque Costume

This is a handmade costume I created for a student showcase at Austin Academy of Burlesque in September, 2017. The performance theme was "Dungeons and Dragons," and I made a druid based costume. The headdress is an aluminum and brass wire armature with paper mache, acrylic paint, reflective tape, sequins, rhinestones, and a synthetic wig. I sewed the cape out of cotton gauze and ice-dyed it with fiber-reactive dyes. The jumpsuit was manufactured, but I ice-dyed it myself. I also did my own makeup. To me, Dungeons and Dragons is an incredibly creative and collaborative game stereotypically popular among male nerds, and I wanted to share it through burlesque as a female-friendly and comedic game. Photo by Vu Gandin Le.

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