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“Dame” in Japanese means “Forbidden.” In such a strict society, it’s something we hear often. Film and production are dominated by a similar ideology: that to make amazing work you have to have a huge budget and team otherwise it’s impossible. We don’t believe that, and we have track records to prove it.
We believe every idea should have the chance to exist. We strive to make meaningful work that shares messages, ideas, concepts, and stories that matter. Stories that are bigger, that are more imaginative. We don’t want to follow this “dame” society, a society that is afraid to try, that is afraid to think outside the box, that treats audiences like idiots. We want more than “likes”, we want to engage our audience, to make them dream, teach them, inspire them.

We’ve worked with clients from around the corner to around the world. We have shot in 35 different countries, worked with more than 50 major brands, made hundreds of ad campaigns, documentaries, music videos, commercials, fashion videos, short films, streaming and we’re just getting started.

We are more than an international collective, we are a family. We are a small team bound together by an insatiable thirst to create. Each member is multi-talented and has a diverse skillet, from writing, editing, producing, shooting, making music, fixing, to fx’s, we do it all. It’s the sum of our parts which sets us apart.

We are the Dame Boys, we play by a different set of rules.

Very cool!

Amazing work as always!

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