STRAVA – Must Do Rides: Tokyo

30 September 2019 ● 2 mins read ● 13 images

When I was asked by Strava to share one of Tokyo’s ‘must do rides', shoot and ride it with friends. I wanted it to cover all the things I love about the mountains surrounding this city. Keeping to the smaller back roads as much as possible, nice climbs, a canyon with some natural water slides to cool down in. Food stops that included hand made tofu and ice cream, a 400 year old mountain café and ending at Tokyo’s oldest sake brewery—conveniently located next to the remote Sawai train station, that will take you back in to central Tokyo.  

You can read the full story and see more of the photographs here

Amazing shots, Lee! Looks like a super fun day! If you ever need to do something similar with mountain bikes near Mt Fuji, give me a shout! I spend as much of my free time as possible out there. :D

Thanks Mark, It's a fun but tough ride.
Mountain bikes could be interesting– the SF and Munich rides STRAVA did were both on mountain bikes. They're definitely up for me coming with more ideas.

Wow, great photos. I used to ride in that area a lot when I had tons of time. I look forward to taking my gravel bike up there again when I figure out my gearing.

Daniel Schallau thanks! having time to get out is always an issue for me too.

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