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2 September 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

I found a drum break from the record that I found in the 500 yen records section. I cut it up and tapped KORG NANO PAD2 all night long until I find the beat that I like.

I made the melody by using the tone of Stan Getz's saxophone from his album and again I cut it up, and made my original melody.

I also overlaid melody by playing KORG microKEY-37.

Now, we have the melody and the beats, so I played a base along with it and made some phrases.

I combined some phrases and made the structure of the song - verse1, chorus 1, verse2, chorus2.

Finally, I played with AKAI APC40 to make it more interesting.

Do you play anywhere?

Matt Griffith Hi Matt, Thank you for the comment!
I used to play at a small bar in Chigasaki with the band, but it was completely different music. (It was folk rock music)
I haven't played this style of music anywhere with PC or APC40.

Do you have any recommend clubs? :)

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