Mellow mind

6 November 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

I used Ableton live, played bass, guitar and synthesizer for this song.

Sweet dubs! English lyrics corrections for some UX training, sound good?

Tom Wilson Thank you for listening! That idea sounds great! What kind of UX things are you interested in?

Hey Junta, I want to learn UX workflows, so I can understand the whole procedure...

Tom Wilson Sorry for my late response! What kind of projects are you working on? Up to your type of project, I might be able to teach useful UX workflows for you.

Hey Junta, I sing a bit and can possibly help you here. Also working on my own voice all the time. Here's an interesting tip on breathing/posture I found recently that might be a good start:

Hey Junta. Likewise, apologies for my late reply. I have been working in print most of my career and want to transition to UI/UX so my understanding is basic, at best. I've been observing different workflows and comparing each to get an overall understanding of it...hope you can help.

Love this! Awesome groove!
Thank you for helping me set up my profile!

Junta Mitsugi - UX Professional in Tokyo, Japan Junta Mitsugi UX Professional 20 October 2016

Faith Yanai Thanks for your kind words :)
Please let me know whenever you have something unsure. Enjoy Canvas!

Great groove! I listen and hear some Miles muted trumpet notes coming out of somewhere. Congrats!

Sounds amazing! Love it

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