[event] Report - Canvas Round Table #5

Mark McFarlane
21 November 2019

Thanks so much to all who came to the first of our newly restored Round Table series! It was fantastic for Ainaa Azman and I to see so many new faces alongside a few familiar ones. We can't wait for the next (yet to be announced) one that will be on Dec 18th (we plan to do the third Wednesday of every month moving forward)!


Luis Mendo
Emile Holmewood (AKA Blood Bros)
Marina Gonzalez
Ainaa Azman
Odding Wang
Fern Choonet
Idris Veitch
Nicoleta Oprisan
Sumie Newell
James Bowskill
Michaela Mila Pala
Mark Mcfarlane
Shuyun Cheng
Carina Fushimi
Jovanna Tosello
Dani Spickermann
Dai Oinuma
Noriko Aoyama
Marina Rybalko

Discussion topics included:

- Digital vs analog - Pros and cons for a variety of situations.
- Creative community spaces - How to create a popular space that brings people together?
- Getting work out there - Online and offline methods for connecting and getting your work seen.
- Idris Veitch showed some of his lovely work (check his profile and website!), explained his process, and answered questions from the group.
- Odding Wang introduced her work on http://tellstoriesjapan.com/ and described the process and aims of the project.
- Dai Oinuma shared early storyboards for an interactive (game-like) story he's working on in his spare time.

Links from the screen:


Edit - I also wanted to apologise for not being able to speak with all of you in person before or after the main discussion. I hope we can get the chance next time!

Marina Gonzalez
21 November 2019

It was great to meet you all! It's very refreshing and inspiring to see people working on so many projects in different artistic areas.
Looking forward to joining the next one!

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