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Emile Holmewood

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

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I'm a freelance illustrator and animator, pseudonymously known as BloodBros. (www.bloodbros.co).
Originally from New Zealand, I lived in London for five years, moving to Tokyo in 2018. I really want to get to know local creatives, so hit me up for a coffee/drink if you want.

My Creations

  1. Sunday Times: Food Alphabet

    28 October 2018

    A wonderfully strange request from Sunday Times (UK). The article was about culinary classes in London. I was asked to create an educational 'alphabet' poster, of weird foods and food related things.

  2. Neko ni Koban

    28 October 2018

    A personal project, illustrating this amazing izakaya in Gakugei Daigaku.

  3. An animation I did for New York delivery companies; Seamless & Grubhub's instagram accounts.

  4. Stairway: Setagaya

    29 October 2018

    Little compostion of a building in Setagaya

  5. The Hunt

    29 October 2018

    Renaissance inspired cowboy piece

  6. Konbini

    28 October 2018

    For an exhibition at By&By, Shoinjinja

  7. Judgement of Paris

    29 October 2018

    Another renaissance piece. Bit more psychedelic this time. I wanted to make the original more modern not just in attire (or lack of) but gesture too.

  8. Ramen II

    29 November 2018

    What else do you draw in Japan? Actually part of a bigger piece.

  9. Behind the Illustration

    18 January 2019
    Behind the Illustration

    Also, there's an interview with me on Digital Arts, up today.https://digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/illustration/enter-the-geometric-and-gonzo-world-of-tokyo-based-v...

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  10. Laforet Elevator Door

    9 February 2019

    Had to draw this, reminds of something from a Kubrick movie. Laforet in Harajuku.

  11. Heaven and Hell, Kamata

    19 February 2019
    Heaven and Hell, Kamata
  12. Densha Desu

    25 February 2019
    Densha Desu

    For a while I was documenting minimal images of densha... just getting back into it now. I'm not obsessed with trains of anything, but enjoy he colour schemes. Spot th...

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  13. Lawson Starter Kit

    15 March 2019
    Lawson Starter Kit