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Emile Holmewood

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

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I'm an illustrator of studio BloodBros. (www.bloodbros.co) .
Originally from New Zealand, I lived in London for five years, moving to Tokyo in 2018. I really want to get to know local creatives, so hit me up for a coffee/drink if you want.
My background is originally graphic design, having worked in the industry 7 years before realising the dream to illustrate full time. Design still influences my style a great deal though, in terms of craft, technique and composition. I like to keep things fun and friendly with a sense of humour and soft colours. I dabble in animation too when I find the time or the brief allows it.
I’m open to any jobs, big and small.
Tools used: Mac and Ipad Pro, Adobe CC, Pixaki, Procreate.

My Creations

  1. A wonderfully strange request from Sunday Times (UK). The article was about culinary classes in London. I was asked to create an educational 'alphabet' poster, of weird foods and food related things.

  2. Neko ni Koban

    28 October

    A personal project, illustrating this amazing izakaya in Gakugei Daigaku.

  3. An animation I did for New York delivery companies; Seamless & Grubhub's instagram accounts.

  4. Stairway: Setagaya

    29 October

    Little compostion of a building in Setagaya

  5. The Hunt

    29 October

    Renaissance inspired cowboy piece

  6. Konbini

    28 October

    For an exhibition at By&By, Shoinjinja

  7. Judgement of Paris

    29 October

    Another renaissance piece. Bit more psychedelic this time. I wanted to make the original more modern not just in attire (or lack of) but gesture too.