Tokyo illustrators meetup #17 - event report

Andrew Joyce
18 March 2019

Hi All,

Thanks again for coming to another event. We had another great turnout with quite a few new faces as well which is always great.
I don't think everyone put their names down unfortunately but here are the ones that did:

Mariko Jesse
Marina Gonzalez
Raul Trevino
Misato Otake / Missile Doodle Noodle
Christopher Piatkowski
Farron Swartz
Lawrence White
Jennifer Piatkowski
Emily Clearwater
Rachel Bungey
Petar Tasev
Daniel Schallau
Andrew Joyce

Feel free to comment/ discuss below the things/ places we talked about so people can find them.

See you at the next one!


Emile Holmewood
18 March 2019

I've added a discussion of coworking spaces. Made it separately from this thread. Hopefully we can all create a big list.

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