Co-working spaces and Cafes in Tokyo

Emile Holmewood
18 March 2019

As discussed in a couple of the illustrators meetups, some places to get some work done when you want to get out of the house.
Please reply with any new places you find that are good for bringing an iPad/laptop and preferably has wifi.

Cafes (where you can work)
Alpha beta (Jiyugaoka)
Shisha (Shimo)
Streamers (Nakame, Harajuku, Shibuya)
Lattest (Harajuku)
Blue bottle, Nakame (has a big stable downstairs, but no wifi or signal)

Co working spaces
Hive (Chiyoda)
Yahoo (Agasaka)
Midoriso (Naka meguro)
Tsutaya Apartment (Shinjuku)
Connecting the dots (Shibuya)

Trunk hotel (Shibuya)
Kai itsu. Hostel (Asakusa)

Daniel Schallau
19 March 2019

Cafe R Bakers in the same space as a Tsutaya in Kitasenju. Great place. Large long table in the middle with small tables in back. Food not required but pastries and such are more western fare. Good mochas. Not super sweet. The negatives are in the dead of winter it can be cold and the music is a bit annoying so BYO TUNES. Did I say great place?

George Popescu
20 March 2019

There's a great co-working space in Ginza aptly named Ginza Hub, it's within walk of Shimbashi station or a couple of subway stations. It's an all English space since the owner is from Australia.
You can pay per hour or per day and if you're serious you can even get a monthly membership which has extra benefits.
Check it out here:

Luis Mendo
25 March 2019

Thanks all for this, very useful.
Additionally, we at Almost Perfect have now a couple of desks available for renting. We would love to consider any illustrators interested in working in our space. Please check


Mark McFarlane
11 April 2019

Cafes near our office that you don't already have:

Illy Cafe
Starbucks B-Side
Tokyu Hands Cafe

Hengtee Lim
16 April 2019

We've got desk space available for rent at the Everyst office now that much of our team has transitioned overseas. We're a storytelling start-up located just a few minutes from Shimokitazawa station, and our working area is spacious and open, with a manga library, a nice lounge, and space for events and meetings, too.

Photos are in the link below, but you can also message me for more details. :)

Yuko Sakazaki
Web / Mobile Designer
19 April 2019

I've been posting cafes where has wifi here, which might be interesting for you:

Emile Holmewood
19 April 2019

Yuko Sakazaki this is an amazing idea! Thanks so much!

Daniel Schallau
19 April 2019

No matter how I say this, I am going to sound like a phone carrier advertisement. Anyway, if you are having wifi woes, you might consider switching plans and ditching the wifi idea altogether. This week, I switched from Softbank where I was paying 8000 per month for 5GB of data to Ymobile where I am paying 3000 per month. I thought it was going to be a downgrade, but then I discovered I could get 9gb of data and tethering included, so I can connect my iPad or MacBook Pro to my cellphone and forget about slow cafe wifi and not have to worry about running out of data. I have an older iPhone 7. Not sure Ymobile works with new phones. Just an idea.

Daniel Schallau
19 April 2019

Also, just up from Luis's place there is a coffee shop with a weird name, Sensing Touch Of Earth, whatever that means.
I finally figured out their equally weird hours. 11am to 6pm. Google shows that they have food, but I think that is only on the weekends. To me that is good, since food can be distracting. The upstairs is interesting, with the moose and various rooms, but I don't know who can use it.

Luis Mendo
19 April 2019

Ah. Thanks Daniel. Actually that place used to be Bridge coffee. These are the people who took it over. If you want the real thing (I recommend it, their WiFi is good and the ice cream and espresso even better) please head over to their new location:
35°41'40.5"N 139°47'01.8"E

Daniel Schallau
20 April 2019

Haha. Sounds dangerous Luis Mendo. I'd be eating instead of creating. So, you mean the place with the moose upstairs used to be Bridge coffee and the owners moved to the new location? I kind of dig the feeling of the Sensing Touch of Weird Nameness. I'll check the place out you mentioned. Thanks! When I start my colored pencil stuff again this summer, I'll ask for a space to draw sometimes.

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