Thanks to all who came out to the 2nd Canvas “Sequential Art Meetup - Comics & Visual Storytelling” event at Everyst HQ on the 22nd of March!

The event began with two presentations: first with Loic Locatelli sharing his journey as a French artist making and publishing comics in France, and his relocation to Japan. He also shared his comic influences, like Blutch, Christophe Blain, Joe Daly, and Shin'ichi Abe, as well as his own work Pocahontas and Flavor Girls. After the first presentation, Felipe Kolb Bernardes and Julia Nascimento talked about the creative process and work division in their autobiographical work FE&JUada Comics, from concept to inking.

The following Q&A session gave the participants a chance to discuss a variety of topics. We talked about how readers in Japan sometimes mistake the reading direction of a comic page intended by its author (which applies to westerns reading Japanese manga as well); how well (or badly) the presenters take criticism from their audience; advantages and disadvantages between printed and digital media for comic publishing. We also discussed the difference between creating a story commissioned by a publisher and creating a story one wants to create.

Before the networking time we had announcements from participation in upcoming events! Julia Hall will be tabling at Comitia 124 on the 5th of May. Felipe Kolb Bernardes and Julia Nascimento will be attending Stockholm International Comic Festival 4th and 5th of May. On the 14th of April there will be "hajime" release party, a zine with stories of seven artists (including Erica Ward and Julia Nascimento) first impressions of Tokyo in the form of comics, illustrations and poetry.

We hope everyone enjoyed hanging out afterwards, and getting to meet fellow creatives to talk stories, ideas, collaborations, and life in general!

Special thanks to Benjamin Watanabe for letting us use Everyst HQ for the event!

Guest speakers:
Loic Locatelli
Twitter and Instagram: LoicLocatelli

Felipe Kolb Bernardes
Instagram and Tumblr: conanfelipe

Julia Nascimento
Instagram: ns_julia

FE&JUada Comics
Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook: feijuadacomics

The evening’s attendees (in no particular order):

Lori Ono
Daniel Schallau
John Cairns
Julia Hall
Erica Ward
Kyle and Yuki Broyles
Tim Young
Petar Tasev
Kaede Katano
Maximilian Raetz Cross Zx
Rory Keny
Remy Busson