John Cairns - Filmmaker in Tokyo

John Cairns

I'm a filmmaker in Tokyo, Japan

I speak English, Japanese, and French

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About me

Based in Tokyo, I produce and direct live action, 3D CG and animation content. Also help creatives and programmers get work in Japan.

My Creations

  1. The Hell Carrot

    19 May 12:14

    Animation I made for Uncanny Japan podcast.
    - translator/reteller/narrator - Thersa Matsuura
    - animation by - John Cairns
    - sound engineering by - Rich Pav
    (animation created using Moho and Davinci Resolve)

  2. ATM

    Yesterday at 23:25

    My newest animation is the first in a collection of four shorts on the "Don't Turn Around" youtube channel (I didn't make the other three in the collection).
    - writer/director - Paul Hough
    - animation by - John Cairns
    - narration by - Eddie McGee
    (animation created using Moho.)