Possible meetup

Electra Vasileiadou
19 May 2016

Hi everybody! I had a meetup idea and would love to hear your thoughts on it. The basic idea is to get people from different fields together and have them introduce each other to their creative process, answer questions about what they do and when possible maybe even have attendees actively participate.

I am a photographer so to start with I can put together an event where we all meet outside, I bring a model and my equipment and you guys can bring your cameras and questions. Next time around someone else organizes it in a way that is appropriate for what they do and so on.. The basic idea is to learn from each other and maybe even pick up a new skill, part meetup part workshop.
If enough of you would be interested in getting together and trying this out I would be happy to organize an event in mid-June to kick things off :)

Mark McFarlane
20 May 2016

Great idea Electra! I'd certainly be interested in joining an outdoor photography meetup/workshop! I'm sure I could learn a lot from it!

Remy Busson
Creative Director
2 June 2016

Sounds super interesting ! I would certainly join if this idea comes to life

Francisco Martinez
3 June 2016

Great idea ! I offer my house if you want to take your workshop to a countryside landscape. I'll definitely would love to host one in my woodwork shop.

Electra Vasileiadou
6 June 2016

Francisco Martinez Mark Mcfarlane Remy Busson Thank you for your responses! Let's wait a bit more to see if there are any more people interested in joining and we can start talking about the details. Francisco Martinez yes, a woodwork meetup would be really interesting, I would definitely attend if you decided to host.

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