Boardgamers in Tokyo, TBC, November

Emile Holmewood
29 October 2018

Hey all,
I'm new here, but pretty excited about finding this community. I've been in Tokyo for a few months, and until now, haven't managed to meet many other creatives etc.
One of the things I miss from my past life in the west, is playing boardgames. I know there are meetups made for this sort of thing, but wanted to post here, as the community seems less vast and perhaps people will have more in common.

So, would anyone be keen on a boardgame afternoon? Date can be decided through discussion, but maybe November. I have a few on offer ranging from faster more portable card games (c) to longer, heftier boardgames (b) :
Agricola (b)
Shogun (b)
Kill Dr. Lucky (b)
Bohnanza (c)
Avalon (c)
Coup (c)
Bang (c)

Mark McFarlane
2 November 2018

I’d be up for it! We sometimes do board games at out office. We have:

Scotland Yard Tokyo Edition
Cards Against Humanity
Exploding Kittens
And a few more I think.

Evenings are better for me.

Emile Holmewood
4 November 2018

Sounds great! We can wait for a little more interest, or if you have friends or colleagues that want to play then that's fine and we could sooner. Most of my longer games games cap at 5players. Some of the card ones a few more. I guess 5 is an ideal number?
All my games are in english, and that's all I speak (coup and avalon don't require too much talking or reading though, so could be played by limited english speakers.)
let me know. If FB is easier, I'm at

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