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I'm a filmmaker in Tokyo, Japan

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Hello I'm Thomas, an international freelance film & video editor from Manchester England.

I work in a wide range of project genres including film, advertising, corporate video, music videos, motion graphics and animation. In the past, I have worked on projects for Ferrari, Honda and many other known brands. On the contrary to this, I have also worked on many smaller and more personal projects, which also gave me an equal amount of satisfaction.

I am used to taking a project from paper, all the way to its final output. My technical ability is re-enforced by my understanding of story and pace. I have a keen interest in cinematography and direction, which helps me balance an actor's performance with the best take of a shot. I recognise the power of sound and music, and use this to my advantage when editing.

As for my academic qualifications, I have an NCFE in video production, a foundation degree in TV & Broadcast media, as well as a BA Honours degree in Contemporary film & video. Although I personally don’t agree that qualifications are important when editing, it certainly shows my skill on an academic scale.

As for my personality, I am professional, yet easy to talk to. I am hardworking, but also down to earth. I have a great sense of humour and enjoy working with other people. I like to think that I go above and beyond what people expect. I enjoy the work that I do and the people I meet. When people are happy with my work, then I am too. If your reading this, I hope we can work together in the future and create something amazing.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


- I am dedicated, professional and love what I do.
- I can work from a brief, guidelines, or use my initiative.
- I send working drafts for feedback.
- I can work with motion graphics, animations and Visual effects.
- I care about the projects I work on.

• Edit footage, images and sound (Online or Offline)
• Sync audio or multiple cameras
• Clean up audio
• Shot stabilisation (smooth out camera shake)
• Camera animation (add pans, tilts or zooms to still shots)
• Color correction
• Color grading
• Add Royalty free music
• Add originally composed music
• Add sound effects and atmospheres
• Logo animations
• Intros & outro sequences
• Titles or credit rolls
• Dynamic Motion graphic titles
• Lower third graphics (banner graphics)
• Captions (hard coded)
• Green screen VFX
• Action VFX
• Horror VFX
• Rotoscoping
• Video conversion
• Video effects
• Animated effects


I use a high-end PC capable of editing any format whether its home video or a 4K scan. I work remotely by using cloud storage such as 'Google Drive' to transfer data or by clients sending me a hard-drive.

I can work from a script, basic outline, or simply use my own creative initiative to complete projects. When working on projects, I send working renders to receive valuable feedback, ensuring that all projects are always on the right track. When a project is completed, I can deliver online or by hard drive.


• Adobe Premiere
• Adobe Speed Grade
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Audition
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator

Thank you for checking me out!

My Creations

  1. Film & video editing / motion graphics / visual effects / animation

    Looking for a film editor?

    I offer a professional one to one video editing service tailored to your workflow. With a range of video post production services, I can do as little or as much as you need... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  2. We rarely see 16mm being used these days due to the practicality of digital technology. Video technology is getting better and better, but we shouldn't forget how powerful the film medium is, and how much it can teach us about filmmaking.

    'The New Rule' was my first ever project on... continue reading (1, 0 images)

  3. The City (16mm short film)

    11 December 2015

    'The City' is an art film from the streets of Manchester. The film is not only a portrait of the city, but it also has a loose narrative of a city being born. The film also explores people and location to give a thourough perspective of culture from Manchester's streets.

    ... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  4. A super 8mm film documenting travels from Tokyo to Osaka.

    Shot and edited by Thomas Beswick

    Kodak vision 3 500t

    Music by Martin Ballou.

    The film was also used in a collaborative project working together with Jesse Freeman. The collaborative project was entitled "Winter Mondays, Summer Sundays".

    Directed by... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  5. How I Met Yu was made from hundreds of drawings which were later painted with watercolour. The project was a collaboration between me and my wife, as it would be used for our wedding. I did the illustration and animation while my wife drew the faces and helped with the... continue reading (1, 0 images)

  6. 'The Journey' is a short film shot on Hi8 using old analog technology, CRT TVs and VHS tape. Even the audio recording was recorded onto tape and then re-transferred to create a rare aesthetic not seen on the streets of Tokyo.

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