The City (16mm short film)

11 December 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

'The City' is an art film from the streets of Manchester. The film is not only a portrait of the city, but it also has a loose narrative of a city being born. The film also explores people and location to give a thourough perspective of culture from Manchester's streets.

The film was shot on 16mm but was hand developed and DIY-telecinied to give it a unique aesthetic. The film took 4 months to research and another 4 months to make due to its nature. The first half of the music was created by Dylan Blythin, and the second half was by Jake Rigby. Direction of the visual and audio elements was crucial to the films context and again took a further 2 months to create correctly.

If you are interested in making a short film, music video, or are just looking for someone for editing or effects, Please to not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for checking out my work!

This is my favourite of all your films!

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