Dwanye Grech - Creative Director in Tokyo

Dwanye Grech

I'm a creative director in Tokyo, Japan

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I am a Canadian-born Experience Design Director that recently decided to leave working for agencies and start my own design agency.

I specialize in various design disciplines from UI/UX, digital product, immersive, motion, spatial, and activation design.

I have developed an array of creative solutions for top brands in the automotive, financial, and travel/tourism industries.

My company, Hello xLAB, aims to connect people, places, and the objects around us in thoughtful and deliberate ways. We want the user, audience, and partners to say, "wow!" when they encounter our work.

My Japanese is improving each day, but not great to talk business or share philosophical ideas if that's your thing. Luckily, I'm growing a bilingual team that can help.

I want to connect with the community, collaborate on fun visual installations or experience-based campaigns of any budget. My company is ready to take on commercial work anytime.

Let's work together.

My Creations

  1. Immersive Room Concept Design

    I have produced several concept designs that explore, shape, scale, and permanence while envisioning how potential scapes could be experienced in pursuit of creating a...

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  2. Vegas: Alter Your Reality

    This immersive experience that married VR storytelling with an explorative environment encouraged visitors to explore five distinctive rooms, themed to matched five di...

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  3. Blockchains LLC Launch Event

    This extraordinary event took place in Prague, Czechia, where we commissioned the design and executed an elaborate immersive brand experience for a newly formed blockc...

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  4. Kinetic Kimono

    17 May 2021
    Kinetic Kimono

    We explored the future possibilities of kinetic fabric through the lens of Japanese kimono design. How can adding motion to kimono patterns elevate the experience of J...

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  5. Nuit Blanche

    17 May 2021
    Nuit Blanche

    We were approached by a local artist to help realize her vision for an upcoming art exhibit at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche Festival. She wanted us to help capture the magic...

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