Kinetic Kimono

17 May 2021 ● 1 min read ● 4 images

We explored the future possibilities of kinetic fabric through the lens of Japanese kimono design. How can adding motion to kimono patterns elevate the experience of Japanese culture, tradition, and history?

We created ’Kimono,’ a projection mapping installation that showcased 9 unique themes from subtle and traditional to vibrant and abstract. Kinetic patterns were 3D projection-mapped to mounted three life-sized kimonos specially made for this project.

The installation was on display at the University of Orlando alongside other multi-media projects.

The installation sparked meaningful debate, inspiration, and joy in the audience. The local Japanese-American community expressed their desire to wear these futuristic kimonos when the technology is available.

We are continuing to explore other methods to achieve this result, with the next goal is to track and project onto moving people.

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