Down Town (with Repo Man)

6 March 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

Testing out some online music collaboration sites I came across Kompoz

Pretty neat system, easy to use.

Found a few tracks to jam on, this was one of them.

After a quick composition analysis and a little jamming I decided on a guitar tuning and FX that might work to add a little lead guitar melody.

I did a quick one take jam in Open A tuning using a Guitar Rig 5 patch with an eBow and Ceramic slide.

finito! Kind of reminds me of the movie Repo Man.

WalterPaulOwen Walter Paul Owen
Chicago Illinois USA
Songwriter - Guitarist - Bass - Vocals

Sonicviz Paul Cohen
Tokyo Japan
Whacky Slide Guitar

Wow, I love this track! This track reminds me of the album called "Combat Rock" by The Clash. Nice drums as well! Did you actually play the drum or programed beats?

That's a great album, go The Clash!
I saw them live once at the olde now demolished Cloudlands ballroom in BrisVegas that had a sprung wooden floor, and it really sprung when they pumped out Tommy Gun.

re: Drums
I'd have to ask Walter who did most of the track, I just slapped on a little slide gitar.
Great drums, that's one of the sounds that attracted me to the track, and the alternative progression.
I don't think he's a drummer so he may have used samples.

Paul Cohen Thank you for your answer.
Ahh, I envy you. Maybe that's even before I was born :(
But, I've seen those music venues in Live DVD.
Repo man, Alex Cox, and The Clash...I have to watch "Straight to Hell(Film)"!

I'm so old I remember when ugly bands could be successful;-)

Drums were Addictive Drums 2

Paul Cohen Thank you for sharing information about drums!

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