Welcome to Trumpistan

10 November 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

A little Reggae Blues to celebrate the ushering in of this strange new world order.
Note: You should click the link, the album cover is great!

As predicted by Michael Moore: http://michaelmoore.com/trumpwillwin/
Post Election Analysis (and hard lessons for the political elites):
(~7 million non-voting 2012 democrats!)

This too shall pass.

Paul Cohen Love it! Did you use dynamically controlled AI rhythm section? This is my style of dub! Please check it out.

Nice! Like a dub spy movie chase soundtrack;-) Like that rubbery flangey fx on the machine rhythm.

My track was just a sequenced jobbie this time. Started setting up the AI but it's a lot more initial work configuring the base parts and I just wanted to put a quick one down in a couple of hours.

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