Story of a lens

29 May 2019 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

Art direction/direction/post-production of this video about the making of a Nikon ophthalmic lens.

Very cool! I'd love to see how these kinds of videos are made. It must be super complex!!!

Jason Scuderi - Art Director in Tokyo, Japan Jason Scuderi Art Director 30 May 2019

Very engaging - really nice Mattias!

Mark Mcfarlane a lot of work but so exciting that I won't call that "work" :)

Thanks Jason Scuderi :)

Mark Mcfarlane oh also, I tried the pro editor for this post but even if everything worked perfectly during the creation of the post, when it was posted, you couldn't see the YouTube preview, only the title (and maybe the description) with a "read more" and only when you click on the "read more" you get to the post with the YouTube preview/video. So probably another little detail to fix in the pro editor ;)

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