6 February 2018 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image

Some photos I took for a personal project, all macro shots of various parts of my head and body. 

The rest are here I dont seem to be able to upload more than one photo on here.

David Anderson - Marketing/PR Professional in Tokyo, Japan David Anderson Marketing/PR Professional 6 February 2018

Disturbingly detailed, but loving the high quality. I had trouble uploading images too. I suggest doing it one at a time but 24 images would've taken a minute.

Very interesting work! I'd love to see your photos in a very large size hanging on huge walls.

Did you try using the Pro Editor instead of the Basic Editor for uploading? Sometimes I have trouble uploading multiple images myself, it's usually better to upload one by one instead of a lot at once.

Yeah I used the Pro Editor but I didn't try one at a time ill do that next time. Thanks guys, oh and I enjoyed your speech at PechaKucha Julia!

Oh, that's very nice of you, Danny! Thanks for watching my presentation!

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