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2 November 2017 ● 3 mins read ● 4 images

Hengtee, Nancy, the team, and I wanted to make LongShorts stories are stories for people going places. 

We all love stories (📚books, 💬comics, 🎬movies, 🎮games) and missed getting into them during the day when we're on the way to work or wherever we're going. Lots of times we didn't have a lot of time, only a moment, and that moment often got filled with Twitter, Facebook, etc. To be honest though, we didn't feel like social media was inspiring us the way a good story could, so we made LongShorts.

LongShorts are long stories told through short statuses.

It's like taking your favorite characters from a book or tv show, and having them act out their lives in real-time on Twitter. And that's what we've done with some of the great characters from classics like:

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (trailer)

(written by Jodi Trask, illustrated by Ariel Iacci)

Dracula (trailer)

(Written by Hengtee, illustrated by Viktor Leon)

And all original stories like:

The Bartender (trailer)

(Written by Hengtee, cover art by Luis Mendo)

We've made over 100 weeks (the stories play out in week-long episodes) at this point of adaptations, originals, and collaborations for upcoming games/movies.

We've built a scheduling tool to tell the stories on Twitter that allows the creators of stories to have the characters interact with each other, schedule notifications, and many other details that make the stories stand out. Then our reading app pulls together their creations and all the characters in one place.

This is a project the team and I have been working towards for some time, and have started testing it out "in the wild" starting at the beginning of this year. It actually was made possible in part by Canvas too, since that's how Hengtee joined the team! We're also excited about our other Canvas collaborations that are in the works with Christopher Piatkowski, Yapi Santiago, and a few more hopefully coming soon! (see below😊)

Hopefully you'll check out a story and tell me or Hengtee what you love, hate, and want to see more of! 

LongShorts is available on iPhone or Android!

And if you're a writer, illustratorphotographer, or just someone with a a crazy idea and want to be one of the first to get your story out on this platform, please don't hesitate to comment or get in touch!

So cool to see you're working with Canvas members! And awesome use of the pro editor I must say!

This project has been a really good opportunity for me to work with different creative people (writers, illustrators, photographers) to create and tell a variety of really interesting stories. Really glad to be a part of it. :)

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