First Draft (Mac & iOS app)

31 August 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
First Draft (Mac & iOS app)

First Draft focuses on making it easy to get your ideas out on paper. It’s like writing by hand or on a typewriter, not a text “editor.” That means no deleting and focusing not on the words or word smithing, but on the bigger idea and getting it out.

First Draft is an experience that encourages “flow,” creativity, and the confidence necessary for writing a first draft. When you finish a first draft the words and grammar may be imperfect, but they will be ready to be refined in your next step.

You can also use wireframes to quickly frame where supporting elements will go later.

We've also been studying what parts of the brain are active and waves heightened when writing by hand, on a typewriter, or in First Draft, versus a text editor.

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