The Girl at the Bar

16 October 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
The Girl at the Bar

The Girl at the Bar is a simple story that explores love, friendship, and family. Within a basic framework of boy-meets-girl-at-bar, I wanted to explore the conflicted feelings of finding love in the midst of bad/unusual circumstances, and love-hate relationships with alcohol.

The illustrations for the story were done by Luis Mendo, and the idea was born of a social-media story revolving around the bartender -- a story you can read on the app I work as editor on, LongShorts.

Story link:
Luis Mendo:

Junta Mitsugi - UX Professional in Tokyo, Japan Junta Mitsugi UX Professional 18 October 2017

Nice selection of music "Waltz for Debby"! That was fitting nicely into your story. For me, this is kind of a story I want to read before falling asleep on the bed quietly :)

So good!

Was saving this for a few moments when I could properly concentrate while reading it. Glad I did - absolutely beautiful writing! And of course, accompanied by fantastic visuals!

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