Making It In Japan—The Story of Starting a Business in Japan

18 January 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

Right now most of the resources available online about starting a company in Japan and sponsoring your visa are written by lawyers looking for your business. When I was going through the process, reading them left me feeling uneasy and misguided.

I knew there were other people that had gone through the process and had insight to share, so I sought them out and interviewed them.

Making It In Japan is the story of my experience starting a company told alongside five other entrepreneurs.

I've included as much detail as possible and where applicable service providers and resources that supported us along the journey! May this serve you as your start your own journey in entrepreneurship.

This video was filmed by David Gilbert!!

Most fantastic and useful piece of content that I've ever read about Japan, including working in Japan!!! Congratulations on your business and thank you for writing this article!

I think many people are wondering how to go about it, so bit thanks to you for writing this!

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