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13 January 2017 ● 1 min read ● 5 images

Start Somewhere: A Handbook of Dubious Exercises, Tips and Rants About Becoming a Designer Who Writes is a zine to help designers grapple with generating their own content.

Start Somewhere is a 76-page handbook about how to become a designer who writes. Most designers grapple with generating their own content. This zine is full of writing about *how* to write and more importantly, how to get started.

The zine includes 14 hybrid design/writing exercises, a number of helpful tips, and is copiously illustrated. You can order a copy here:

Within, I write about exactly *why* designers have a hard time making their own content, design theory, design research, guilty pleasures, shoe fetishes, design curation, and a number of other topics.

A variety of creative methodologies are included, notably creative writing, curating, exploring history, and getting in touch with your own practice. Start Somewhere is a self-initiated and self-published project. It can be purchased via my publishing imprint Wordshape, as well as through Draw Down Books and Amazon.

Looks fantastic, Ian! I need to read this! Couldn't find it on Amazon Japan though. Do you have a link?

Ian Lynam - Creative Director in Tokyo, Japan Ian Lynam Creative Director 21 January 2017

Sorry, only Amazon US.

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