Tokyo Eukaryote PREVIEW (8 pics)

17 December 2016 ● 2 mins read ● 8 images

Today I'm showing you the 8 photographs presentation of this project I'm about to finish.

This is the short description of it :

About the organic part of Tokyo, how it's alive, green and human. I will use the multiple exposure on sensor technique to bring one more layer about the context and compose kind of iconic views of the "Living" Tokyo. All double pictures are taken in a 30sec row (the nikon technical limitation for real double exposure) It even brings a feeling of the place of the picture.

Eukaryote in Japanese can be translated with


Eukaryote is what every living beings have in common. From plants, to human beings, mushroom, animals, vegetables, fishes, etc. In French all's stuffs coming from eukaryote is called "matière organique". I wanted to share that Tokyo is an impressive living being.

Quick explanation about the double exposure and the pictures :

Triggering two times on the same sensor exposition of piece of film: the dark parts remaining (on the piece of film or the sensor) are like "free for more content" and the second shot expose one more time in the photograph.

I use this technique to emphasize the emotion I feel when I am in Tokyo about the "organic" living maze, all here is not ordered with logic but disordered with emotions. Humans have created their place to live here and this place is like a forest. Sometimes I blend architecture extract with vegetation, sometimes not. I had the similar thoughts about how photographers deal with Tokyo when I saw the pictures in the Tokyo space exposition at the TOP museum, the photographers who worked on the "Tokyo" topic: Honjo Naoki, Sato Tokihiro with Photo-Respiration and Hatakeyama Naoya.

The Lensculture page :

The page on my website :

I hope you like, don't hesitate to share what you think about this ! I will be glad to answer any question ! Feel free to comment !

These look really amazing, Stephane Bdc. I wonder if you'd be interested in collaborating on a creative project some time?

Hello Hengtee Lim , Yes don't hesitate to contact me if you think we can work together on some projects !

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