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6 March 2017 ● 2 mins read ● 4 images

Hello all !

As I've closed my work about Tokyo Eukaryote,
- OMOTE : the double exposures,
- URA, the inspiration pictures and some analog views,
I've also presented it in a contest at (Arles) and I cannot stop showing and sharing green, alive, living, organic mood I feel in Tokyo, I've created a parallel path, I use my Ipod, kind of basic 8mpix camera, and a "real" double exposure application called multiple to share all places I see in Tokyo (and I think not only there) in double (or even more) exposures. It's a fantastic way to communicate for me : instinctive and obsessive. I want to do photography everyday, sometimes I feel frustrated not to share this or this other image I see, now I can do it.

Shinbashi :

This parallel work is called @LESEUKARYOTES only on instagram at :

It's the same way to do it, multiple exposures instantly shared, everyday.

Some pics exported here :


To conclude, I would say, even if I didn't found audience about this, it's a way for me to get closer from instagram, I hated it by the past (and I still about some part of it) because millions of super shitty pictures are highlighted and I saw great photographers work completely invisible ! It was for me the ugliest photography website but, as I was found by a person who hired me for a work there, I searched a way to use this website, with @leseukaryotes i found !


don't hesitate to show me love on this side instagram projet ! criticize, comment etc. YOU'RE WELCOME ! ! !


Here's some links about the whole stuff :

Project page on LensCulture :

On my website :

tag with the original work on instagram : #tokyoeukaryote

creatively yours,

Stéphane BDC

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