Urban Photography workshops in Tokyo (2017 Mar 10th and 13rd)

16 March 2017 ● 1 min read ● 8 images

I see we can show all the creative activities we have, as other photographers in Tokyo, I lead some photography workshop. Here the pictures from the creative urban tour I do with Eyexplore Tokyo.

I put pictures from a workshop the March 10th and 13rd, all taken with my compact point-and-shoot camera. As I explain sometimes to the students, if your camera has A and/or S mode you'll do it great ! High price gears will never fill a lack of creativity...

So I'm happy to share some pics, as I'm 100% focused of the work of the students, my pictures are not so good but I share it anyway. Don't hesitate to criticize and comment, I'm always happy to talk about photography.

For more information, I lead different kind of photography workshops.

Street-Photography / Urban photo / Night (with tripods) / Temples


Stéphane BDC

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I'm Stephane BDC, Freelance photographer, model portfolio, street-photography, documentary and I lead photography workshops in Tokyo.

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