KnifeBoy - A metroidvania 2D game!

28 October 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
KnifeBoy - A metroidvania 2D game!

Swedish Indie developer living in Tokyo.
Currently working on a 2D MetroidVania game heavenly inspired by Guacamelee.
It began in 2015 as a comic book and later turned into a game.
My brother and a good friend of mine joined my project in July 2016 and the game is starting to shape up to something amazing and quite unique looking.
We are are soon ready to share some gameplay and we're also planning a Kickstarter in December!

Nice! I love MetroidVania games! Let me know if you need a tester!

Yes yes, we're planning a demo in Feb :)
It will be downloadable so... If you have a keen eye for 2D games i would be happy to let you know when its available. Your opinion would help!

OK cool! I've played Guacamelee and Shadow Complex recently. Both great games!

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I'm a developer in Tokyo, Japan

Swedish. Making a comic book and developing a 2D game!

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