OKGo X Honda "I won't let you down"

31 August 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
OKGo X Honda "I won't let you down"

OKGo X Honda - Visual Designer
Music video for the Band OK Go in collaboration with Honda. Inspired by the legendary filmaker and choreographer Busby Berkeley and the giant human mass game ceremony, more than 2 000 peoples rides Honda's innovative monocycle called UNICUB in an five minutes single shot video. I worked with the team from the very first start of the project as creative and visual designer (movie ideas, concept arts, storyboards, etc). I also worked on the pre-visualisation of the mass game and provided visuals references for the "LED" illustration style, hearts, bands faces, keyvisuals, etc. + Bonus: I painted by hand the spirals on the guys umbrellas ;)
Agency: Mori Inc.
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano

Wow ! J'adore OK Go. C'est super cette image !

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