Agatha's Journey - Youtube Art in Japan

31 October 2022 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

I started a Youtube channel to share my experience as I am working on building a company here in Japan connected to art and travel.
It is going to be a mix of daily vlogs, travels, checking out exhibitions and talking about art as well as learning about creating a business in a foreign country.
Hope you like it and thank you for any feedback you might have!

Hi Agathe,

Looks like the video is set to not show in other sites for some reason. Other YouTube videos work, so perhaps it's a setting you changed?

Agathe FerrandMaeda - Marketing/PR Professional in Tokyo, Japan Agathe FerrandMaeda Marketing/PR Professional 1 November 2022

Hi Mark Mcfarlane I did not see that 😅 I updated the settings of the video, thank you!

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