Bali Adventure

14 June 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Bali Adventure

Last November, I went to Bali to attend a yoga retreat. Although I am also from Southeast Asia, Bali was raw and much more mystical than my hometown. I decided to create series of illustrations inspired by my very memorable trip. This image is the first of many!

For this particular illustration, I spotted a Balinese boy waiting to go into the temple. Surrounding him were many chatty tourists and locals, beautiful and chaotic plants creeping around him yet he remained calm and quiet. I knew I had to paint him when I got back from my trip!

Fern Choonet , I love the colors in your work. I checked out your website. I too used to draw in cafes in America(Portland) before I got married. I miss hanging out with creative people. BTW, I think you have a desirable style for commercial work. Keep it up.

Daniel Schallau Wow, thanks so much for the lovely comments! You have no idea how happy I feel after your encouragement! I really love your work also, especially the video you just posted! Your details and colors are amazing!
Hope we get to connect! A lot of creative friends and I go sketching sometimes, please join us! :)

Fern Choonet What part of Tokyo do you guys usually draw? I live in the most inconvenient corner of Tokyo. I'd love to join sometime, though. Thanks for your comments, by the way. -Dan

Daniel Schallau Hi Daniel! I join PauseDraw almost every month. It's run by my friends Luis Mendo and Adrian Hogan It's really fun and we do a lot of drawings of many cool subjects! Please join us! :)
Here's the link:

Hey Daniel Schallau thanks for your interest, please join us any time. We also run an informal group through Facebook and go drawing occasionally in izakayas. Feel free to add me on FB and I will add you to the chat group.
Thanks dear Fern Choonet <3

Thanks Fern Choonet and Luis Mendo. I'll definitely try to make it when I can. Living with my young family in the Suburbs it isn't always convenient for me to make it downtown, but I had fun at PauseDraw at James Stacey's comic event, even though I stunk at drawing people(I'm better at buildings). Cheers.

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