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Founded in 2003, Randomwire is a blog where I share my thoughts on life in Asia, culture, design, technology, and travel.

Johan Ronsse - UX Professional in Tokyo, Japan Johan Ronsse UX Professional 11 August 2015

It took me a while to connect Randomwire to you personally, even though I knew you AND Randomwire. It's great!

David Gilbert - Product Designer in Tokyo, Japan David Gilbert Product Designer 11 August 2015

Thanks Johan! I should probably do a better job of advertising what I'm up to :D

Trent McBride - Web / Mobile Designer in Tokyo, Japan Trent McBride Web / Mobile Designer 12 August 2015

Big fan of Randomwire -- quality writing David!

We're hiking Koburi pass right now thanks to your article about it, David! Very nice trail!

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