Hey everyone! We had a really fantastic prototype event (Command Swift 0) last month at Tacchi Studios (many thanks again to Mark Mcfarlane ) and tonight at 19:30 we're kicking off our first official event.

We'll focus on the basics of Swift, which will cover, but is not limited to, variables, types, functions and classes/objects. For this we'll go over the usefulness of Swift's playground function for quickly sketching out algorithms in code. Our Swift Command for the evening will be the talented Jonathon Toon!

But what is Command Swift, you say?

Command Swift is a monthly workshop series focused on experimenting with the capabilities of Xcode and the Swift programming language.

Whether you're a development fledgling or code virtuoso, everyone has something they can teach: one learner each month will be asked to teach one skill (like implementing the Google Maps SDK via Swift, building a useable prototype quickly, or using tools like Parse to make a simple chat app — whatever you have an interest in) the following month to the rest of the group.

This way, each student becomes an expert in one thing, and the group as a whole benefits from the diversity of everyone's knowledge; the Student is the Master.

Check us out at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/commandswift/