Looking for a Japanese language instructor or school. Any recommendations?

Mark McFarlane
5 September 2016

It's time for me to get back on the nihongo wagon! So I was wondering if any Canvassers have anyone or anywhere they can recommend for an incredibly intermediate speaker such as myself?

I'm not looking for dry textbook Japanese. More real life stuff, like someone to practise everyday speaking, some basic business, and reading (e.g. Amazon reviews, magazines, design/tech industry stuff).

I don't like "relaxed" teachers. I want strict grammar correction etc! Haha!

Someone who could come to our office in Shibuya would be great!

Thanks in advance!

Chavarom Chongulia
Web / Mobile Designer
11 September 2016

The school I'm attending also provides a private lesson with off location service. I think you can look into it and see if it would work out or not. For the teachers I know so far, they are kind but pretty strict with the grammar usage. So I think learning one on one should work well with you.
here's the link by the way.

Mark McFarlane
13 September 2016

Thanks Chavarom! Will check them out. :)

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