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dilara ozden
Web / Mobile Designer
12 June 08:32

I am currently unemployed. The company i worked as UX/UI Designer has bankrupt and they fired most of us. I am still in Tokyo and looking for a job as a designer/Illustrator position now.

Design portfolio: https://www.behance.net/AlternateCyborg
Illustration Portfolio: https://alternatecyborg.io/
Cv: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1qq6rr5slrecpaj/Dilara-Ozden-CV.pdf?dl=0

Adam Perry
Web / Mobile Designer
14 June 10:25

Hey! I often find many individuals / companies offering jobs for UX / UI designer positions at these two events:


I hope this is helpful in some form :) Good luck!

dilara ozden
Web / Mobile Designer
14 June 22:05

thank you so much!

Jason Scuderi
Art Director
17 June 09:16

Hey Dilara - Sometimes this group has some posts - check it out...

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