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I'm a print designer in Tokyo, Japan

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About me

Graduated from Graphic Design Department in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Worked in the industry for almost 5 years. Now working in a company in Tokyo as a Graphic Designer.

My Creations

  1. Poster design i did for Gris Game by Nomad Studio.

  2. This is a personal work, inspired by my favourite animes. Akira and Sailormoon. Enjoy it :)

  3. Girl Riot

    22 November

    This piece was for my exhibition in Istanbul / Turkey.

  4. I did this piece at my first week in Tokyo. Amazed by everything. Still do.

  5. Neon Tokyo

    22 November

    I love this atmosphere of Tokyo under Neon Lights and wanted to create something about it.

  6. Queen

    24 November

    Totally Inspired by Asian food :)

  7. Dream of Tokyo

    26 November

    I drew this long before i come to Japan. I was longing for Tokyo before i saw it :)

  8. Invaded

    27 November

    Getting ready for my exhibit in Turkey :)

  9. Daily Life

    28 November

    Days in Tokyo

  10. Daily Life 2

    28 November

    Days in Tokyo / Shopping

  11. Smoking Areas

    30 November

    I'm a smoker. So this is where i end up all the time :)

  12. Aki & Rabbit

    2 December 19:42

    One of the works i did for my exhibit in Turkey.

  13. AKI X Rabbit

    7 December 11:54

    Aki series continues