Thanks to all who came out to the fifth Canvas “Sequential Art Meetup - Comics & Visual Storytelling” event at Everyst HQ on the 21st of June!

The event began with two presentations: first with TELL (Tokyo English Lifeline)’s Executive Director Sam Annesley talking about the impact of mental health in numbers and the 45 years since TELL began. After this, Odding Wang talked about TELL Stories, a visual storytelling campaign based on fictional recreations of caller stories.

The following Q&A session gave the participants a chance to discuss topics ranging from how to tell real stories while still preserving caller anonymity, and the technicalities and process of creating visual stories for the TELL project.

We hope everyone enjoyed hanging out afterwards, and getting to meet fellow creatives to talk stories, ideas, collaborations, and life in general!

Special thanks to Benjamin Watanabe for letting us use Everyst HQ for the event!

Guest speakers:
Sam Annesley
Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: TellJapan

Odding Wang
Instagram: odding

The evening’s attendees (in no particular order):
Anisa Chugthai
Angelo Mokutan
Louis Etienne Vallee
Felipe Kolb Bernardes
Khionna Dougras
Lori Ono
Hayley Liebenow

Our next event “Comics Sharing” will happen on the 9th of August, don’t miss it!

Julia Nascimento and Hengtee Lim