Sequential Art Meetup - Comics & Visual Storytelling #01 event report

Julia Nascimento
21 February 2018

Thanks to all who came out to the first Canvas “Sequential Art Meetup - Comics & Visual Storytelling” event at Everyst HQ last Thursday, February 15th!

The event began with presentations: first with a brief history of Tim Young’s podcast Deconstructing Comics, then Mulele Jarvis’ experiences with funding comics through Kickstarter, and Raúl Trevino describing his creative process and his recently launched story, Live Forever.

The following Q&A session gave our presenters a chance to discuss a variety of topics, including social media (the consensus is to focus on what’s most fun!), and print versus digital; where we talked about advantages and disadvantages, distribution, print amount, and stock.

We hope everyone enjoyed hanging out afterwards, and getting to meet fellow creatives to talk stories, ideas, collaborations, and life in general!

Special thanks to Benjamin Watanabe for letting us use Everyst HQ (formerly LongShorts) for the event!

Guest speakers:
Tim Young

Mulele Jarvis
Twitter and Instagram: muleleredux
Facebook: mulele.redux.9

Raúl Trevino
Instagram and Twitter: RaulTrevinoArt
Youtube and Facebook: TrevinoArt

The evening’s attendees (in no particular order):
Mark Mcfarlane
Yeka Haski
Lyle Nisenholz
Lori Ono
Petar Tasev
Nathan Cowdry
Oscar K.
Erica Ward
Andrew Browne
James Stacey
Felipe Kolb Bernardes
Yu Akinaga
Benjamin Watanabe
Ainaa Azman
Kevin Kee
Eric Belisle
Naomi Oren
Chihiro Watanabe

Julia Nascimento
Hengtee Lim

Benjamin Watanabe
Product Designer
21 February 2018

Thanks for having such an awesome event at our studio! Looking forward to the next and hopefully getting to collaborate with some of the artists that came!

Julia Nascimento
21 February 2018

Thank you, Ben! Your office is amazing and the library is growing beautifully. I hope lots of other creative people can pay a visit sometime!

Benjamin Watanabe
Product Designer
21 February 2018

I hope they can and will let us know what we're missing. Here's a link to our reservation page if anyone wants to reserve it for free for a few hours to hang out and read!

Mark McFarlane
23 February 2018

Was great fun! Thanks to Julia, Hengtee and Ben for organizing/hosting! Looking forward to next time.

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