James black - Print Designer in Tokyo

James black

I'm a print designer in Tokyo, Japan

In employment

I speak English

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About me

I am a publisher. You can see the types of books we publish
on the Black Hook Press website.

My Creations

  1. InDesign.

  2. Adobe CC.

    Collaboration with comic illustrator James Harvey (Image Comics, DC Comics, Blank Slate Comics, Vice.com).

  3. Translation and other stuff.
    Adobe CC suite.

  4. Collaboration with awesome New Zealand artist T-Wei (http://t-wei.tumblr.com/) to produce a patch for Bartkira contributing artists
    and people working on the project. t-wei is AWESOME!

    Took about 3 months of ping pong emails with the patch company to get the patch looking how we wanted.

  5. New Business Card

    24 October 2015

    New Business Card. Designed in collab with Nic Gazin, Artistic Director for Vice.com
    Nic recently did the art direction for RUN THE JEWELS and I really liked what he did for them so asked him for something along the same lines as im a RTJ fan.

    If you like proper... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  6. A 'guerilla' style pop up exhibition held at the Lakes international comic festival in the U.K. Bartkira was exhibited at one of the 3 main locations.
    Foot traffic for the festival weekend was approx 14,000.

    A review of the festival (and the Bartkira show) can be found here-

  7. Charles Burns TCAF poster redesigned for Tokyo exhibition.
    Party this Saturday! https://www.facebook.com/events/1710940495793508/

  8. Hello,

    We asked Atsushi Kaneko to create a character for our first poster/catalogue/staff t-shirts for the festival in July. He came up with the 'Cat Woman'
    We wanted to pay homage to GARO, an avante garde comic magazine from the 60-70s. The festival and it's organisers have close ties with... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  9. Not much to say really.
    The event takes place Sunday 31st July. Free Admission!

  10. Hi All,

    Super stoked to have Satoshi Kitamura at CAT this Sunday.

    If you are a fan of his work come to the free workshop!



  11. Chip Kidd Interview

    4 November 2016

    We recently interviewed Chip Kidd for the Black Hook Press blog

    I saw him when he did a talk in Tokyo a few years ago (http://www.nippon.com/en/views/b02904/) , and recently he has
    been doing more design work in the comic and manga field of book publishing
    so it... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  12. Hello,
    Its a poster that takes heavily from the design of the cover of our next book.


  13. Hi there,

    Here's quite a funny review of Dokudami Tenement that starts
    at 4m 50s.
    I edited and designed this book.
    We are working on volume 2 now.
    Mainly done in Adobe Indesign.
    You can order a copy via the Black Hook Press website.


  14. Flyer for next show.

    13 October 2017

    This is just a flyer for our next show.
    If you find yourself in Asagaya/Koenji on Saturday then pop along for the party.

  15. Hello,

    This is a cover design for a forthcoming book BHP are putting out.
    32 Pages, English.

    Vermillion/Obscura/Prussian Blue/Cumin
    Typeface - Agency FB
    Done in indesign C.C.

    For New York Review Books (https://www.nyrb.com) upcoming Tsuge publication they describes Tadao Tsuge as follows -

    "Though virtually unknown in the... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  16. We like publisher Youth in Decline's idea to have an annual tee shirt.

    So we hooked up with Dirty Robot to do a 'Black Hook Press x Dirty Robot' Tee in time for Christmas.

  17. A 140 page book by the Gekiga master Tadao Tsuge. A5. Originally published in Comic Baku in December 1987.


    This is cover design for our latest book
    144 Pages, English.

    Rich black, Grey, Screentone.

    Done in indesign & Photoshop C.C.

    Buy here- https://blackhookpress.bigcartel.com/product/kemonoki-by-tadao-tsuge-kashihon-slip-cover-edition-a5

    For New York Review Books (... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  18. Transgender issues in 1980s Tokyo. That's Dokudami Tenement 3's theme in this dark story of Yoshio's friendship with a troubled transgender salaryman Frankie. This story pulls no punches and is likely to offend some. 132 pages inc. biography.

    Dokudami Tenement (Japanese: 独身アパートどくだみ荘) is a Japanese gekiga manga series written and... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  19. THAT MiYOKO ASAGAYA FEELiNG by Shinichi Abe
    Graphic Novel (Gekiga) / Historical Fiction
    Published: August 2019
    Extent: 188 pp, 215 x 150mm
    Territory: Worldwide
    Translator: Ryan Holmberg
    Publisher: Black Hook Press
    Design and Editing: James Stacey (BHP)
    From the translator's Instagram, " Abe Shinichi's That Miyoko Asagaya Feeling in now... continue reading (1, 1 image)