Here's an interesting article comparing on-demand book printing services.

Mark McFarlane
16 September 2016

Thought this might be useful for some Canvassers. I know a number of you have printed books.

Are there any other services that should be added to the list?

George Popescu
16 September 2016

I read that just yesterday, it's a very well written article and inspirational for those wanting to publish their own books. The author checked 4 different book publishers to publish only about 15 copies of her written book, no images and then she told us which one was the best for her. Great read!

Craig Atkinson
24 September 2016

Thank you Mark for sharing.

David Gilbert
Product Designer
12 October 2016

Thank so for sharing Mark, my own experiences recently printing 30+ copies of a 100 page photo book with Blurb was that quality was inconsistent depending on the location where it was printed (colour temperature was off). Pretty dissapointing experience but they agreed to reprint the ones which were bad.

James black
Print Designer
12 October 2016

I saw Tokyo Cheapo has a good article about printing stuff with
Japanese printers. (

I have used two of the companies mentioned.
Mojoprint - were great, lots of support (in English)
good choice of papers.

Printpac - Cheap and good choice of papers.
Japanese only.

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