Hello, Canvas community.

I want to introduce our crowdfunding campaign for Chalupa, a project me and my partners have been working on for the last years.

Chalupa is a lifestyle brand that empowers artisans and young designers from Mexico. We have started our fundraising campaign to raise funds to complete our e-commerce site and be able to get more people on board. Please take a look.

This is the crowdfunding page link: https://fondeadora.mx/projects/43778-chalupa-diseno-mexicano-en-japon

You can support us by sharing this campaign or donating. Any help is highly appreciated! We also offer some cute rewards in return for contributions.


Why did we start this project?

Crafts are extinguishing little by little as the situation for artisans and indigenous communities from Latin America worsens. Products that were once handmade are now starting to be produced in China to lower costs and satisfy the needs of a demanding market for almost disposable furniture.
Artisan's sons and daughters fear for their future and prefer to go to the city and find a steady job instead of learning and continuing with their family's craftsmen tradition.

We fear our cultural legacy is threatened and could be extinguished in the near future if we continue to ignore this issue.

We wanted to provide more opportunities for young designers and artisans to keep developing their working skills and send their products abroad. As a result, we started Chalupa.

What do we do?

Since we started this project, we have been searching for young designers that are collaborating directly with artisans.

Thanks to this collaboration, designers transmit to artisans modern life needs. At the same time, artisans teach young designers the techniques and craftsmanship from their region. Using this scheme of local manufacture, we ensure that products are made with the best quality and aesthetics to compete with the Japanese market; and that craftsmanship continues to pass down from generation to generation.

We curate a selection of lifestyle items, prepare them for foreign markets and commercialize them as well.

Many thanks!