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Mariel Lozano

I'm an architect in Tokyo, Japan

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Hi! I'm an Architect based in Tokyo, currently starting a project called Chalupa Design Store in Japan, which brings unique home accesories and hand-picked interior design objects crafted by mexican local communities to Japan. It's a little way to help the artisans in my home country get world-wide recognition and be proud of their work. Tradition and culture is fading day by day and I'd like to help preserve it a bit more.
I also do architecture, interior design, and branding projects as a freelancer.
Food, wine, coffee and chocolate are my life and Sunday brunch is my favorite time of the week.
Did I mention coffee?

My Creations

  1. Dog Days is a cold brew coffee brand from Monterrey, Mexico. The name "Dog Days" has a lot of meanings, one of them being the "hottest days of summer" when you want to drink this type of coffee the most. And no, it's not intended to be related to the... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  2. Resquad Harajuku interior design project. March 27 2015.
    First interior design project in Japan.

  3. The Neon House

    19 January 2016

    Hi everyone.

    With the desire to document my experiences in Japan, I have created this blog (yes, another blog of Japan) to write my favourite places and things I come across with every day.

    It's not meant to be an official guide or anything close, but rather give visiting friends... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  4. I uploaded some months ago the renderings of this project in its early stages. In that time, I was not very sure if it was going to happen or not
    My client started this project on her own. She worked as a banker for a long time until she decided... continue reading (0, 1 image)