I am looking to enter a short film competition (3 minutes or less) which I've entered the previous two years as well and my actress just backed out at the last minute.

The filming time will be about 3 hrs both outdoors and indoors and you will be acting alone, there are no other actors. I need to film by the end of this month since I will be pretty busy next month. I don't need someone very experienced, even if you're just interested in doing some acting this would be a great opportunity, as I said before the film is very short.

Here's the link to the competition page: https://www.myrodereel.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjw092IBhAwEiwAxR1lRnO63H8GuBH60KPLkeUNhWNjD9hPX5DKkElj9Pd_rpj76bylVPh8VBoC6CgQAvD_BwE

If you are interested in more details please send me a message!

George :)