[canvas announcement] New feature - city-wide discussions!

Mark McFarlane
23 July 2015

Hi everyone! I hope you're enjoying Canvas so far! We're working hard to make it truly useful for Tokyo's creative community.

One major theme coming out of our discussions with you early adopters was that you wanted a way to communicate with the entire Tokyo community, particularly about events, cool stuff that's going on etc. So we're testing the water with a simple (for now) discussion board, which you're looking at right now!

Please feel free to try using it in any way you like! Post about something cool you've found in Tokyo, tell people about an event that's coming up, talk about a feature you'd like us to introduce on Canvas, or share whatever creative issue is on your mind today!

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


Adam Akhtar
12 August 2015

And you can now subscribe / unsubscribe to your favorite discussions and get notified by email when there's been new posts.

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