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Adam Akhtar

I'm a developer in Tokyo, JP

I speak English and Japanese

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Hey you! Yeah you! Do you...

- like making things online?
- love coding till the early hours of the morning, perhaps in Ruby?
- enjoy online marketing?
- practice martial arts?

If you said yes to any of them then why not send us a message by clicking the big message button above. I'm always interested in meeting like minded people and there are plenty of events going on in Tokyo to meet up at. Of course, if you're the shy type then you can learn more about me on the discussion board here on Canvas ( Nav - > Discussion board ).

Still want to know more? Ok here's some fun facts

- I'm a Rails engineer at the fabulous Tacchi studios (who make this very site).
- People say I look like Van Persie but they're WRONG! Van Persie looks like ME.
- I've shaken hands with the President... of Belize.
- I've dived the Blue Hole (google it - it's as amazing as it looks)

I'll be posting some of my side projects shortly but in general I like to create apps which solve business problems rather than entertainment products. Think B2B stuff rather than B2C. Some applications I've made include proposal creation software and a plugin to host your own online contests to increase email opt ins - very vague, I know, but I will reveal more shortly.

Till then see you around on Canvas.


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